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A Witches Guide to Gift Wrapped Elements – ‘Tis the Season of Giving!

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A witchy way to give this Yuletide season!

The Witch & Walnut

‘Tis  the season of gift giving…. Party going, twinkling lights and presents wrapped in shiny paper. Whatever your gift giving needs and wants are this year, why not try and use the elements as your holiday season buying guide!

Think about the person you are buying for, what is the element? What is the opposite of that element? That just might be the cozy thing they need and will love. Here is a little list to help you out for reference.

  • Earth SignsTaurus, Virgo and CapricornOpposite – Air
  • Air SignsGemini, Libra and AquariusOpposite – Earth
  • Fire SignsAries, Leo and SagittariusOpposite – Water
  • Water SignsCancer, Scorpio and PiscesOpposite Fire

Earth gift ideas for Air signs: Wood, plants, wool, metal

  1. A cozy and pretty blanket with some tassles or pom poms
  2. Wooden candle holders, wooden display tray…

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Why People Are Racist & How Witchcraft Can Help

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A caveat: I have mentioned some friends in this article. They have not necessarily been portrayed at their most positive, and this is why I have not named them. We all have faults and we all make mistakes. This does not make us bad people, it makes us human. I have cited these examples because these are the examples I have to cite, and to me, they illustrate my point; how the environment of toxic positivity about which I speak can cause even the nicest, smartest people to be unintentionally mean or foolish. I mean no harm. You are still my friends. I still love you.


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From Sable Aradia.


Beyond Mere Witchcraft

“Oh, I used to study Wicca,” says the 22-year-old woman with a patronizing smile, “but I’ve gone beyond that now.”

“Have you?” I ask, arching my eyebrow while I sit at the fair table where I’m selling the witchcraft books I wrote.

Realizing she has made an error, she backtracks.  “Oh, well, you know, I think it’s perfectly fine for some.”  She is unaware of her derision, her dismissal.  “But I find I get so much more in the path I’m following now.  And I don’t need all those tools.”  Her tone is smug.  Her implication is clearly that I must be less enlightened than she is, because she thinks I do.

Of course she does.  She’s left witchcraft for the New Age community.  She’s 22 years…

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Gate Night: The Veil Grows Thin

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salt and iron


The fairies be out that night and they would take you away with them if you were out at that evil time. It is also said that the devil shakes his budges [fur] on the haws and turns them black and according to the old people if you eat a haw after Hallow Eve night you will have no luck (qtd in “Halloween in Irish Folklore”).

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Taking the War to Wikipedia

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15 Similarities Between Writers & Mediums #MondayBlogs #AmWriting

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She’s got it spot on.  It’s why I say in The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power that the Druids had something when they thought of Awen as the thing that inspires both bards and Druids.  Gamma consciousness.  The power of divine inspiration.

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A Message from the Water Spirits

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born-out-of-the-watervia A Message from the Water Spirits

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