Sit for a Spell Episode 24: Physical Protection

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Here’s Episode 24 of Sit for a Spell! The transcription will also be posted when it is completed. Enjoy!


Witchcraft & Voodoo Episode 10 – Ritual

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Here’s Episode 10 of Witchcraft & Voodoo for your viewing pleasure! This time our topic was Ritual. Again, the transcription will follow as soon as I have it done. Enjoy!

Sit for a Spell Episode 23: Real Aphrodisiacs & Love Magick

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Hello! I’m sorry, I’m falling behind on my transcriptions, so I figured I’d better catch you up on the videos. The transcriptions will also be posted here on this blog when they’re completed. This is Episode 23, all about love magick, which featured my co-host from Witchcraft & Voodoo as my special guest! She wrote a book on Love Magic and I figured she would be a great person to address this area of magick, which I have thus far on this show neglected. There’s going to be a few video links over the next couple of days to catch you up! Enjoy!

New Album Release: Live in Winnipeg!

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Hello all! My new album of Pagan music, Live in Winnipeg, is now available on Bandcamp! Just click on the pic to listen & download! The whole album is available for you to preview. Enjoy!

Witchcraft & Voodoo Episode 9: Ancestors (Transcription) – Part 1

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via Witchcraft & Voodoo Episode 9: Ancestors (Transcription) – Part 1

PMP: Diane Morrison – the fiction and nonfiction of a Canadian Pagan 05/21 by Pagan Musings Podcast Channel | Spirituality Podcasts

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Here’s the archive of my appearance on the Pagan-Musings Podcast. It’s very off-the-cuff! This is probably is the closest to how I am IRL that I’ve heard on a podcast because I was so relaxed. Enjoy!

Author Diane Morrison, aka Sable Aradia, returns to the show to talk fiction and nonfiction. She’s been hard at work creating new stories in her Wyrd West Chronicles, and now she’s come full circle to creating new material for the Pagan world. Between writing steampunk (cattlepunk), podcasting, and working on her newest Pagan focused projects, Diane has been working with other authors to produce some of the best sci-fi/fantasy out there from the Indie World of Books. Tune in and learn more about her latest projects, both fiction and nonfiction! On the Horizon anthology. The Toy Soldier Saga. Her music. Sit for a Spell on YouTube. Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America on YouTube.

Source: PMP: Diane Morrison – the fiction and nonfiction of a Canadian Pagan 05/21 by Pagan Musings Podcast Channel | Spirituality Podcasts

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