Gate Night: The Veil Grows Thin

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salt and iron


The fairies be out that night and they would take you away with them if you were out at that evil time. It is also said that the devil shakes his budges [fur] on the haws and turns them black and according to the old people if you eat a haw after Hallow Eve night you will have no luck (qtd in “Halloween in Irish Folklore”).

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Taking the War to Wikipedia

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15 Similarities Between Writers & Mediums #MondayBlogs #AmWriting

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She’s got it spot on.  It’s why I say in The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power that the Druids had something when they thought of Awen as the thing that inspires both bards and Druids.  Gamma consciousness.  The power of divine inspiration.

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A Message from the Water Spirits

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born-out-of-the-watervia A Message from the Water Spirits

From the Shadows: My Thoughts on Charlottesville

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Folk heroes of the resistance

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Dowsing for Divinity

What do Anansi, Raven, Coyote, Pérák, Aradia, the Golem of Prague, Robin Hood, Wild Edric, and Ned Ludd have in common? They are all folk heroes of resistance to tyranny, oppression, slavery, and fascism.

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