From the Shadows: I’ll Celebrate the Sabbats Any F*cking Way I Want To | Diane Morrison

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Witchcraft & Voodoo: Sacred Music | Diane Morrison

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Musical activism

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Sit for a Spell: Distance Healing | Diane Morrison

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Witchcraft & Voodoo: Sacred Food | Diane Morrison

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A culture of failure vs a culture of pain

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The lame rides a horse, | the handless is herdsman,
The deaf in battle is bold;
The blind man is better | than one that is burned,
No good can come of a corpse.

-Hávamál v71, Bellows translation


Odin Tree

For those who haven’t the background on my personal situation, a few months ago I was injured at work and fractured my C5 vertebra and suffered a serious concussion.  I lost effective sight in my right eye, balance and memory issues and host of other fun side effects.  I am just about finished my rehab to go back to work.  This was a bit of a culture shock for both me and those who were working with or for the program.

I have nothing but good things to say about the work of the HIATS (Head Injury Assessment and Treatment) program run by Worksafe BC.  They really are the best at what they do, but they come from a limited and limiting culture in one respect.  They have the best program I have ever seen for getting a handle on the thousand little pieces you need to learn, train, and…

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13 Things I’ve Learned About Weddings as an Officiant | Diane Morrison

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