Last Chance! Baltic Amber & Vintage Jet Necklace!

I think I’ve had this necklace listed at my Etsy shop for a while now, and so if it’s not going to sell I’m going to take it apart and use the beads for something else.  The listing will be removed on August 1, so if you’ve been contemplating it, now is your last opportunity.  Click on any of the pictures to see the listing and/or purchase.  Thanks!

Amber and jet is the traditional necklace of a High Priestess of the Craft. This is the perfect gift for the High Priestess in your life; your initiator, your coven leader, or a newly-minted High Priestess friend or lover.

This piece was formed of genuine Baltic and Russian amber in bright orange and organic brown. They are spaced by amber-coloured crackle glass spacer beads, and they feature three vintage faceted Edwardian Whitby jet beads acquired from a friend who deals in antiques. The necklace is strung on premium mono-filament copper beading wire and finished with a sturdy large silvertone lobster clasp for ease of use. It’s slightly off-center because the amber beads are of different sizes, but don’t worry, it stays in place perfectly.

Amber is fossilized tree sap; jet is fossilized charcoal. Together they symbolize the life-and-death principles and according to legend they can produce an electric charge. I don’t know about that, but the magickal charge is pretty awesome!

Most of the available amber out there these days is pressed amber. This is not. Most of the available jet out there is faceted glass. This is not.

Metaphysical Meanings for Amber: Calming and energizing, manifesting desires and heightening intellectual abilities, clarity of thought, and wisdom. Cleansing environment and removing pain by drawing out negativity. Patience, protection, psychic shielding, romantic love, sensuality, purification, balance, healing and calmness. Good luck charm for love and marriage. Inner child work and past life work. Solar plexus chakra and sometimes the sacral chakra. Purifying the body, headaches, bone problems, heart problems, circulation, ears, hearing problems, endocrine system, fibromyalgia, intestinal/digestive disorders, kidney, bladder, lungs, and general healing purposes.

Metaphysical Meanings for Jet: Protection against evil and all negative energies, psychic attacks, violence, sickness. Absorbs unwanted negative energy, so it should be cleared / cleansed fully after each use. Finances and business. Clairvoyance, past life work, and psychic work in general. Removes energetic attachments, clears the aura. Spiritual quests, spiritual advancement, Kundalini awakening. Jet is used in rituals and magic to bring up and channel Earth energy including manifestation of will and desires. Jet is a stone kind to people in difficulty and fear and has a very calming energy. Healing grief. Eases anxiety and depression, calming anxiety and delusions. Inner growth, increased self-reliance, easing changes. Jet is used in crystal healing alternative therapy for epilepsy, migraines, colds, lymphatic problems, congestive heart failure, tumors, toothache, stomach pains, menstrual cramps, fertility (male and female), scrofula (lymphatic tuberculosis), clinical depression, manic-depression or bipolar disorder, liver, kidney, and glandular problems. Root chakra, purifying and clearing chakras. If used on the upper body or upper chakras, it assists Kundalini energy in moving the crown chakra.

Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. I am legally obligated to tell you that magic, divination and metaphysical healing are curios only. I promise no particular outcomes or results. Please consult your doctor for any medical concerns.

The necklace measures 43 cm (a little more than 16 inches) in length.

Layaway and payment plans: Yes, I am willing to do layaways and payment plans in cycles of a few payments at regular intervals. Convo me for details and we can work something out.

Mailing: If you would like shipping insurance on this item, please contact me for a custom order. Otherwise I will ship it well-wrapped and thoroughly protected in a bubble mailer and the customs declaration will say “costume jewelry” in order to prevent theft.



~ by Sable Aradia on July 22, 2016.

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