Honouring Epona

Spreading the word! Epona, as one of the few Horse Deities, is foundational to the building of our civilization – and I think by extension She could easily be considered a goddess of transportation and shipping.

Musings of a Scottish Hearth Druid and Heathen

Most who know me will also know that Epona Rigantona is dear to me.  She is the quiet voice that whispers to my mind and heart, gently offering guidance.  She is strength I can lean on, a fierce guardian standing over me when I fall. She is wisdom and humour, a voice in the breeze, a presence in the stillness.

And She has been whispering to me.

As a result I am hosting a ritual in honour of Epona Rigantona on Saturday 3rd October in Glasgow.  I’ve advertised this pretty widely as a Facebook event and in a couple of other places.

I’ve also said that I know there are those that honour Epona that will not possible be able to make this rite face to face.  To those I make this offer, contact me and I will happily share the rite I have developed so that you can either join…

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~ by Sable Aradia on September 7, 2015.

7 Responses to “Honouring Epona”

  1. Can you tell me more or guide me to some infomation on Paganism? I have been on this jounery for about 1 year now. I have come from a very God fearing family and find my own path now.Never really feeling what they told me was true. I was introudced to paganism through a Medieval band I listen to. I feel this through my whole body but found it so far hard to find infomation.

    • I find that kind of surprising in this day and age of Google, but sure, of course I’m happy to help point seekers in the right direction.

      Let’s start with what band you were listening to and what sort of Paganism they were singing (or screaming – 😉 I like metal, no worries) about. Paganism is a very broad spectrum of similar, often related faiths, so I want to make sure I’m pointing you in the direction of the kind of Paganism you’re seeking (everyone used to start with Wicca but that’s not true anymore).

      If you’re looking to connect to groups in your area so you can learn hands-on, your best bet is still http://www.witchvox.com. Only old fossils still post their (our) listings there I think, but that’s probably a good thing – you’re sure to get dedicated people who’ve been doing this for a while, though about half your inquiries will probably go nowhere because somebody forgot to take their listing down. Find the waving flag in the upper corner and select your area from the drop down menu.

      That should get you started at any rate!

      • The band is Omnia. They are a Medieval band coming from the Netherlands. But play in Germany a lot, which is where I live. Yeah of course I found stuff on google but I found it hard to know where to look and what ect. The lead singer and his wifenof Omnia are of the Druids faith I believe. I feel a very strong connection with nature and Mother Earth.

      • Ah! Okay; yes, I know Omnia. Love them, think they’re awesome. Okay, if that’s what’s driving you, you would find affinity in some of the more primal Druidic traditions, in European Shamanism, Celtic Shamanism and in some branches of Wicca. Okay, I’ve got to do some research to find good books, but you may wish to type “Druid blog” into Google and see what comes up, and I still recommend Witchvox. 🙂

      • Yes Omnia is kinda why I live life the way I do and found Paganism. I had a look at Witchvox looks like it will be quite helpful to connect with others in my are too. Its great. Thank you so much for your recommendations. I would be interested in a book when you find a good suggestion. I will do some research on upur suggestions. 🙂

      • DAS

      • I also think you might search “Celtic Polytheism” and see what comes up. If it’s all old material about the Ancient Celts, try adding “blog” to that search.

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