A Complex Pantheon

A friend of mine writes about the differences between different types of Norse Paganism, and the three complex Norse pantheons. Cleared a lot of things up for me.

The Temple of the Oak, Hammer, and Star

Without fear of hyperbole, it can be said that the Norse pantheon is one of the most complicated ones in antiquity, easily rivaling the complexities of the Egyptian and Sumerian pantheons. In part, this is because they mirrored the complexities of early Norse and Germanic societies, who were, and are, too often swiftly dismissed in modern media as simply being “barbarians”. Broadly speaking, there are are three ” families” of gods and goddesses in the pantheon of northern Europe, the Æsir, Vanir, and Rokkr. The former two are known to have existed in antiquity, while the latter appears to be an invention in the modern recreated practises of the faith. Where it gets complicated is that these groups, while appearing to fit into neat boxes, are actually intertwined by blood, marriage, and conflict. The Asa gods of the Æsir fought with, and then came to a peace accord with the…

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~ by Sable Aradia on January 15, 2015.

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