Book Tour Diary: Week Four

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 available at these links.

This week started the *real* book tour: the portion that took us out of province.  As is our habit when we have to cross the Rockies, we drove up through Kamloops and Jasper because the drive is so much nicer than the one through Banff and Calgary, which is technically shorter.  The desert community of Kamloops is one I know reasonably well.  There’s a thriving SCA group there that I’ve played with on and off for years, but the Pagan community is small and developing.  We spent the night in Robson BC Provincial Park, which is the BC side of Jasper, and headed out in the morning so that we would be able to see the wildlife in the Jasper National Park.  We were a little chilly in our unheated van for which we have yet to find propane and water, but we were rewarded!  A whole herd of elk watched us take pictures with patient eyes.  A word to the wise: never disobey the wildlife crossing speed signs in the spectacular Jasper National Park; they’re there for a reason!

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We arrived at Where Faeries Live in Edmonton just in time for the book signing.  It’s owned by Debra Bourne, a friend I know from PanFest.  A lot of people that I knew came out (and a few I didn’t,) and Deb sold out of books and had to get some from me!  We went to where we were staying, and got settled before coming back for their Fireside social night, where I made some new friends, including a cute autistic dog whom, I understand, doesn’t let anybody but his mom (and me) pat him.  We got along fine!  I saw my friend Rasa, who has been in Uruguay but is now moving back to Canada, and we chatted about metaphysics and the upcoming 2015 Canadian National Pagan Conference, which will be in Edmonton in the spring.  I’m so excited, I can’t wait!  I also picked up some unusual herbs that I can’t seem to find anywhere else.  Deb’s got an amazing selection!

While I was there, the boys made a trip to Burlington on Whyte in Edmonton just to check it out, and they apparently read Smoking Jacket Magazine!  (That’s my husband’s tobacco magazine that he edits).  They were excited about being reviewed; I was excited that they knew who he was!

Edmonton’s Pagan community is old and thriving, and consists of BTW witches, Thelemites, Druids, Dianics, Reclaiming Witches, and even a handful of Voodoo and Santeria practitioners.  We stayed with Thelemic Witches ByThor and Selene, some of the movers and shakers in the Alberta Pagan community (they’ve been on a podcast with me before.)  Selene is the consummate hostess; she even gives foot rubs!  And she fed us gourmet gluten and lactose free and diabetic friendly food.  We watched the premier episode of Gotham on her TV; I don’t have cable but I might have to watch this one!  I was less impressed with the present episode of Once Upon a Time.  Their neighbour asked me what the cable was that plugged in our power and complimented me on our Tinkerbell sticker.  We had to borrow a space heater because we still didn’t have the propane hooked up, but once we did, it was quite toasty.

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After a couple days, we headed to Northern Alberta, a place called Kinuso, to visit my best friend from my childhood, whom I haven’t seen in fifteen years!  I will probably write that story in a future column.  I have never been to Northern Alberta and the drive was spectacular in the lovely autumn weather!  We drove along the shore of Lesser Slave Lake, which I understand is the same size as the big Okanagan Lake of my home valley, it’s just distributed differently.  We arrived in Kinuso after a pleasant drive, which is a lovely little community of about 500 people surrounded by First Nations lands.  I was enchanted and I would live there, were it not for the last couple of pictures – snow at the beginning of October!  I’ll let my camera tell the story:

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My friend Tamarra, her partner, and my gentlemen spent three lovely days together; Erin wrote and Jamie and I rehearsed when they were at work.  Here we are doing what would probably have horrified our parents (she comes from a Mormon family and I was a good girl); smoking cigars and cannabis and drinking whisky as we reminisced about our odd, 1950s like childhood.  I cannot express the heights of my joy at having reconnected with her!

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We spent one of our three days going for a drive.  We were recommended to the beach on the shores of Lesser Slave Lake, which was big enough to not be able to see the other side in one spot and was churning whitecaps in the autumn wind.  I’ve got some pictures of the eroded shore: as far as Jamie could tell, it was held together by worms!

We continued into a little community called Faust (that’s where that cute little church is located,) past the Treaty 8 marker, and up to High Prairie, the self-described “gateway to the oil fields”.  It was an industrial hole.  We got some A&W and headed back.  Again, the scenery all around was amazing.  This was the farthest north I’d ever been, north of even Prince George, BC.  I loved it.

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Leaving my friend was very hard; there just wasn’t enough time and I hope that now we’ll stay connected.  But as I write this, we’re en route to Saskatoon, which is where my next book signing is taking place.  I’ll update after this weekend!


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