Book Tour Diary: Week Two

If you need to catch up, Week 1 is at that link.

Sorry it took me so long to get this up and running: it’s been a busy week, as you might imagine!  The need to get things organized for the bulk of the tour, the out of province travel, is pressing.  We’re trading our van for a small RV, which will make the trip much easier, and getting the paperwork sorted out for that had been challenging.  But last weekend I did most of the Okanagan portion of my tour, and the weather gods blessed the endeavour with fantastic Okanagan sunshine!

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In pleasant, touristy Summerland on the morning of Sept. 12 is where & when we had to go look at the RV (camperized van, really) so we rushed out to go and do that. It’s amazing what a perfect fit it was: I think I’ll tell that story next week. Needless to say we decided we would take it. We stopped for brunch at a little place on the main street whose name I have forgotten; it might have been Bistro 535.  When I remember for sure I’ll post it, because it was amazing, old-fashioned diner style breakfast food that came in gluten and dairy-free options that cost us no extra!  And I have to say, the coffee was amazing.  Should have thought to take a picture, and I would have, but I dropped my cell phone into the toilet and had shut it off to preserve it. 😳

Summerland is unique in that it has an occult history.  In the early twentieth century, it was a haven for a large Theosophist community.  I imagine that’s probably why the Okanagan Valley has such a history of New Age practices and occult community.

Fortunately it was still working when I got to Mosaic Books in Kelowna, who had set up a lovely display for me of all the copies of my book and a place to sit and chat with the customers right near the front of the store. They’re a wonderful bookstore that is used to dealing with authors, and they have a vast selection of a variety of subjects including (but by no means limited to) metaphysical; and in this day and age of pathetically limited sci-fi sections, their’s is worthy. (How can you tell I shop here?)  Unfortunately, the pictures are all blurry because there is water vapour on the camera (frankly I’m fortunate it wasn’t worse I think!  Just replaced the cell phone dammit!)

I was entertained when a well-meaning woman came up to tell me about Jesus, before she saw the title of the book.  It was amazing how quickly she shimmied away when she did.  But still I had a great time; Kelowna is 45 minutes from my place so the local Kelowna Pagan community came out to keep me company and brought their books for me to sign.  I felt very supported!

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Kelowna is the largest city in the Okanagan Valley; it has about 100 000 people in it.  I think everyone outside of the Okanagan thinks that it’s still thirty years ago here.  Basically, everyone who didn’t want to live in the big city that is the Lower Mainland over the past thirty years moved up to the Okanagan – Kelowna in particular – and now it’s a big city too.  The infrastructure is bursting at the seams.  Jamie, who is from the Lower Mainland, is constantly amused at the little city that is Vernon, because it has just a little of everything that qualifies it as a city.  Kelowna, not so much.  It’s a city by anyone’s standards, but like in Abbotsford, part of it is still in agricultural areas and on the edge of wilderness, which is why the famous fires of a few years ago were so deadly.

The sun was still shining the next day on my trip to White Lioness Metaphysics in Penticton, which is a small city now too; but still a weird combination of retirement community and bohemian hipster haven. The store is a collective that’s only been around for a few months, organized by the indomitable Jennifer Innes and a team of dedicated and clever women offering a variety of metaphysical services and products. By this time the camera had dried out a bit so my pictures are better, but I didn’t think to take any until after I had finished the signing, of course. They set me up a great billboard outside and a table right near the front.  Again, there were a few people I knew and some I didn’t, and I had some great conversations, sold a few books and had fun!  My signing ran concurrent with Penticton’s fantastic Saturday Farmer’s Market (where you can spend the whole day tasting local wine and eating exotic vegan food!) so we had lots of walk-in traffic too.

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We finished up the day by seeking out lunch. We walked down Main Street and found an amazing secondhand bookstore that drew me in with a copy of a Patrick O’Brian book in the window (which are hard to get these days). I discovered the best collection of vintage sci-fi I’d ever seen! I grabbed a copy of the first three Mars books in an omnibus edition by Edgar Rice Burroughs and “Friday” by Robert Heinlein. Eventually we found a chip wagon in the towntown near the courthouse, just off of Main Street, that served very generous portions!

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Afterwards as we were driving out, we pulled into the parking lot at the waterfront park on the south end of Okanagan Lake, which was really quite beautiful this time of year, and had a quick walk around while we ate our lunch.

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They don’t call us the “sunny Okanagan” for nothing, eh? Homeward bound for another week . . .

~ by Sable Aradia on September 22, 2014.

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