Book Tour Diary: Week One

This past weekend was the “official” beginning of my book tour!  I started out by doing a book release party on the 29th of August at Expressions of Time in my home town of Vernon, BC, where I also read Tarot.  Turnout was outstanding!  I offered a reading as well as signing some books, and sold out of copies!  Here’s some pics taken by some people who forwarded them to me.

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Then on the 5th of September I was in the Kootenays where I stayed at the beautiful witchy home of my friend, Gardnerian High Priestess Leaticia Mytchell, in Castlegar.

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The Kootenays might be the most beautiful alpine region in the country, and the communities there range from industrial Trail to touristy neo-hippie refuge Nelson, where likely the biggest industry is in the grow-ops.  Castlegar is something like my hometown of Vernon, growing more quickly than it can handle, but it’s on the edge of wilderness as my friend’s home proves.

I did my book signing at the lovely metaphysical store Gaia Rising in Nelson, BC (about a twenty minute drive from Castlegar.)  Metaphysical stores all over the province appear to be struggling and closing, but it was obvious to me that business at Gaia Rising was booming.  They had everything: witch books I haven’t seen in years, crystals, a fine selection of Tarot cards, drums, decor, calendars, witch balls; no shortage!  It was busy the whole time I was there and turnout for the signing was good!  I enjoyed chatting with the owners who were very pleasant, helpful and friendly; and I also had the opportunity to visit with some friends and my goddess-daughter as well as talk to some brand-new people just buying the book.  Here’s some pics I took of their fantastic store!

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Then in the evening, Jamie and I performed in a double-bill on Leaticia’s backyard stage, built of flagstone by Winston, who is a professional Red Seal landscaper, along with some old friends, the very talented Pagan band the Ancient Gods.  I mean, seriously: look at this stage!  Talk about awesome!

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Everyone agreed the show was a great time and we’re talking about getting together again already!  We also made a video; I don’t know how well it’s turned out yet, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to edit it or put it up until after the tour is done.  In the meantime, here’s some pics.  Some were taken with my camera by my friend and former covenmate Mitch (Lady Morgana in the Star Sapphire), and some were taken by others and uploaded to Facebook.

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Erin slept through the concert so that he could drive us home to make Enderby, BC, a little town about 20 minutes north of Vernon, at 11 am the following morning, where we were scheduled to appear at the bohemian cool shop where you can find a little bit of everything related to conscious living, the Gypsy Bazaar, owned by the indomitable Sarah Bradshaw.  It’s a cool little eclectic place where you can find local honey, homemade soap, handmade rattles, singing bowls, local art and crafts, and magick things.

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They also have a beautiful little workshop space in the back: check this out!

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This is where I did a short introductory workshop in the Witch’s Eight Paths, which was attended by five fun and interesting ladies ranging from complete beginners to Sarah herself, who certainly does not lack experience as a magick-worker.  I got some great feedback: Sarah said that clarifying what it was she really wanted in regards to a workshop on mushrooms that she wanted to take, resulted in her being able to sign up for a different workshop that was less expensive but did the same thing and was local.  I felt pretty good about that!  She also told me that one of the younger women in the workshop was usually quiet enough to be taciturn, but was chatting away freely with me in the workshop; enough that I would have had no idea that she was quiet if I’d just met her.  That made me feel pretty good too; I like empowering people and one of the ways you do that is by drawing people out of their shells.  So this was also a successful day that I felt good about!

On Sunday I was asked to speak at a gathering at Knox Mountain Park in Kelowna for World Goddess Day, an initiative started by a lady in Brazil that went viral in a very short period of time.  It was a small but keen group.  I shared my story of finding the Goddess and why I chose my Craft name, and then I led a spiral dance.  That was great fun!

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On Monday evening I did an interview with Hawthorne for the Spiral Dance podcast.  This almost didn’t happen; I wasn’t entirely sure what time things were on, and then all of a sudden I got a phone call from Massachuettes saying, “Okay, we go live in thirty seconds.”  Eek!  I hope I came across well; Hawthorne asked some excellent questions and I had a great time!  He asked me to send him some of my music to play and I will be doing that.

Home now, I started a new teaching circle last night.  I tried to pass it off to one of my students but no dice.  Ah well, sometimes the Lady knows what’s best for us better than we do.  Still, the timing could be better!  I’ll be starting an online run in November once I’m back from the tour, along with a series of Eight Paths webinars.

Today I had to make sure that my Seekers & Guides column was ready to go, because on Friday, which would typically be my deadline, I’m going back to Kelowna to Mosaic Books to do a book signing, and I’ll be in Penticton on Saturday at White Lioness Metaphysics.

That’s the first week!  Forward and onward!


~ by Sable Aradia on September 11, 2014.

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  1. good luck Diane! I hope that book tour allow you to met many peoples!

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