Message from the Kore at the Vernal Equinox

It’s March, and today is the 20th.  While it may not feel like it, tomorrow is the Spring Equinox.  I guess Persephone is a little late this year.  Or at least, it feels like it.  Easter is also coming late this year, and I remind my readers (mostly Pagans I would imagine, many of whom likely do not really know much about the origin of Christian holidays) that Easter is loosely determined as the first Sunday following the first full moon *after* the Spring Equinox, and of course, we just had a Full Moon right before the Equinox.  I have noticed that lunar cycles seem to have a bearing as well (of course) as to the determination of the seasons; so Spring likely just seems late because we’re calculating by a fixed solar calendar.  And of course, fall was very warm, very late in the year as well.


So my opening to the Kore is later than I intended to do it, combining the late spring with my busy life.  But I am ready now and here it is, and I love it!  I will inform those who may be new readers of my blog that I have given a commitment to Draw Down a different Goddess each month and channel Her message in automatic writing, and the Kore, Persephone, is the Goddess I chose (who chose me?) for March.  Persephone, also called the Kore or “the Maiden” is the Greek Goddess, unwilling bride of Hades, Lord of the Underworld (or once-unwilling but now loving, depending on the myth) whose return to the World Above heralds the coming of Spring.  But either by choice or Hades’ trickery, She is required to descend for three (or six) months into the Underworld again each year because She ate pomegranate seeds that bound Her to the Underworld.  So She is an excellent source of inspiration for those who wish to find light in darkness and overcome suffering, and Her timely message is very meaningful to me right now, with all that is going on in the world.  It’s not terribly long but why waste words?  She said what She wanted to say:

Children of the Earth, children of My Mother, there is so much fear in you at this time but do not fear. The spring always comes again! Surely you know by now that the flowers will always bloom and the sun shines. Things happen in their own time, not in the time you think is best. The seasons come when they may, and I too must wait. My return heralds the coming of spring; I do not decide when that is! Like the flowers and the buds on the trees, I come when it is time; not before, and not later. Spring is like the birth of a baby. You can estimate when you think it is time for the baby to come, but you cannot make it happen faster or hold it off once it is time. 

Even the young have become cynical and angry, forgetting how to enjoy that which is all around you. When was the last time you stopped to smell a flower or feel the sun on your face, between your work and your duties? Renew yourself! Embrace the joy of this moment, this time, this NOW. YOu are here to live! That is why you came. YOu only get to be physical for such a brief time, and most of you only complain about it! There are such joys and pleasures here for you and you deny them to yourself due to obligation and expectation. I intend to enjoy my time in the sun to its fullest. I love to return to this world and taste its pleasures. I love flowers and sunshine and green fields and making love. I know that there will come the time again in the fall when I must return to dark halls and take on my duties as Queen of the Underworld, but for now, I am here, and I want to dance! Will you dance with me, children of the Earth? 

Listen to the surging of your blood and allow yourself to be passionate and intense! Be here, now. Do you see how the light refracts iridescent blue off of the body of the blue-bottle fly? Do you see how blue the sky can be? How about the deep and mysterious blue of the ocean depths? Does it not amaze you that there are so many beautiful shades of blue? How can you be angry and unhappy when you consider that! 

I see these signs on the walls of your homes; “Live Laugh Love.” It is good advice. Why not make it real? 

Please go out and do something just for yourself today to just live in the moment. Pick a wildflower, go dancing, eat that piece of cheesecake, you can diet tomorrow! Watch a spring storm and listen to the lightning crackle. Love with your whole heart. Dye your hair turquoise. Steal an extra ten minutes on your lunch break and go bird watching. Whatever it may be, do something to remind yourself that you are here NOW, and you are ALIVE, and life is beautiful and precious! Do it NOW. Spring can’t last forever. 

She laughs out loud, kisses me full on the lips, and dances away in a slightly cool spring wind.

I was listening to a collection of songs about the Spring Equinox that I put together in order to achieve the right trance-state for this, and this is one of the songs that played.  She identified with it immediately as being exactly what She was saying and urged me to include it in the blog.  It’s by Gaia’s Voice and it’s called “Lucky to Be Alive.”  I’ve loved it for a long time and I’m pleased to share it with you, but you’ll have to download it directly because I can’t seem to make the player work in the blog window:

\”Lucky to Be Alive\” by Gaia\’s Voice

Blessed be,

~ by Sable Aradia on March 20, 2011.

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