Contest Time!

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So a few days ago a friend of mine informed me that I had a small problem:

Important notice: it appears that there are a few defective copies of my book out there! One of my friends ordered from Amazon, and found that instead of getting pages 85-132 inclusive, he received a book with two sections of pages 133-180. If you are one such unlucky soul, please contact Red Wheel/Weiser customer service at or 1-800-423-7087 with your address and they will be happy to replace your copy. Sorry for the inconvenience!

So I have decided to run a contest! If you find a misprinted copy of the book, take a picture or webcam video of you holding the book, showing me the misprinted pages, and I will send you a code for a free download of the Elemental CD with Isochronic Tones that I composed for use with the book! Link below:

Contact me via this blog (with a link,) my website, my Facebook author page, or my Twitter. Good luck!

More Mail Art

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Sable Aradia:

I love this “mail art” thing. Such a neat idea!

Originally posted on Gangleri's Grove:

I’ve received three more devotional mail art cards in the mail. (reminder; send me one, and i’ll send you one in return). These are lovely and very, very timely on a personal level. Thank you, folks.

Hestia mail art by Sparrow

Hestia by Sparrow

Elen copy

Ellen of the Ways by Ellen

Hestia by AC

Hestia by A.C. (where the highlight is at the top, that’s where I blanked out name and email for the privacy of the sender). I so needed to read this prayer the day it arrived — it was such a significant thing for me. Thank you).

and i’m delighted to see devotional art being made and shared. Each one of these is lovely and a delight. keep ’em coming folks. :)

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Guest Post: ‘Clothing Optional’ Etiquette – PaganSquare – PaganSquare – Join the conversation!

•June 26, 2015 • 2 Comments

Guest Post: ‘Clothing Optional’ Etiquette – PaganSquare – PaganSquare – Join the conversation!.

Pride Jewelry

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Sable Aradia:

More LGBTQ pride stuff from Nornoriel for a good cause!

Originally posted on The Serpent's Labyrinth:

I’ve been wanting to have more LGBT Pride-themed jewelry in my shop for awhile, but the transphobic crap from Ploppy got me motivated to get off my ass and make that happen.  I decided to do some minor remodeling in my shop in order to have a section specifically for LGBT-themed jewelry, and Etsy only allows ten shop categories, so the separate Hellenic and Kemetic & Sumerian sections have been merged into Greek, Kemetic & Other (because Etsy will only allow me to have category names 24 characters long, and Other includes a couple pieces I have that are stand-alones from other pantheons – for example, I have a necklace for Kwan Yin and a necklace for Ganesha).  The Queernunnos pieces from yesterday can be found in the LGBT Pride section of my shop, and I now have three other relevant necklaces I’d like to showcase here.


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From the Shadows: Transphobia is Anti-Feminist

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From the Shadows: Transphobia is Anti-Feminist.

Atheism, Polytheism, and Pagans: A Discussion by Patheos Writers

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Atheism, Polytheism, and Pagans: A Discussion.

Love Wins!

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Sable Aradia:

Congratulations, America, for choosing love and equality!

Originally posted on Part Time Monster:

Generally, I don’t post twice in a day. Especially on Feminist Fridays.

But today is no ordinary day.

Today, after a long, long wait, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled on marriage equality.

There are happy tears in my office—and I imagine there are happy tears in a lot of other places, too. My dear friends, who have fought so hard, are on their way to volunteer their time and crafts to hold ceremonies and photograph the newly married couples. The decision is a thing of beauty.

All I can hear are the words from Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous 1962 “I Have a Dream Speech,” its closing lines.

And if America is to be a great nation, this must become true.

And so let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire.

Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York.

Let freedom…

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Sable Aradia:

A project for the LGBTQ Pagan community from Nornoriel Lokason. If anyone would like to pool resources with me to purchase one of the necklaces to make it available for a giveaway, please let me know. I can’t do the full prices right now but I would be willing to contribute.

Originally posted on The Serpent's Labyrinth:

So for those of you just tuning in, this week saw disgusting transphobia from “Pleope Septara Cyantornus”, or as we like to call her around here, Ploppy (and the incident is now Plöppasaga).  Not only did her hatred NOT shut me down (and WILL NOT shut me down – I’ve dealt with worse than her), but I got inspired to do something positive for the community.


The following are two devotional necklaces to Cernunnos, sometimes called Herne the Hunter, often thought of as the Horned God of Wicca.  Cernunnos has stipulated that he would like to see these necklaces go to either

  • a man who is effeminate and does not conform to societal gender norms of masculinity (especially a trans man who gets crap about “not being masculine enough”, or a cisgender man who likes to wear pretty things like skirts and lace and still identifies as male)
  • a gay…

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