Announcing: Sable Aradia’s School of Witchcraft!

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So many of you have asked for this and I’m so excited to be able to bring it to you! I’ve been talking about making my Witch’s Eight Paths of Power courses available online for some time. I’ve finally found a platform that’s perfect for it! Sable Aradia’s School of Witchcraft is now officially open at! My entire course on Intent is already available, and you can join in with Trance anytime while I’m adding more course elements!

Join at any time for a one-time fee of $25 USD per course, or 6 payments of $5 per month. You get ongoing access to all the material as long as Teachable exists. Work entirely at your own pace, with exercises, videos, review quizzes to help jog your memory, and additional material that I didn’t have room for in my book! You also get ongoing support direct from me through a comment section on every lesson. If I add anything new to the course after you’ve purchased it, you just automatically get access to it too.

Future plans include ALL eight of the Witch’s Eight Paths of Power courses, Practical Magick classes (deep dives into individual subjects, like herbs, colour magick, magickal time, Tarot, chakras, etc.) and courses in Star Sapphire Witchcraft. You can also join the school without signing up for any courses (or paying a dime) in order to get immediate notification of anything new I post.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy!


Coming Together in the Time of the Plague

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If This Goes On (Don't Panic)!

Hello friends. These sure are strange times, aren’t they? I won’t lie; I’m a little scared, and I don’t blame you if you are too.

It seems to me that we’re in one of those times that nobody with a modicum of wisdom hopes to ever see. It’s like a world war, or a world depression, or maybe all of that at once.

People in these times, as any writer knows, are put to the gravest test. Do we come together, or tear ourselves apart?

I choose to try to come together.

It looks like we might all be practicing our social distancing and staying at home for some time. So internet community is where we have to come together.

I’mopening up my Discord serverfor the nonce so we can do that. I’m extending you an invitation to come and talk. Yes,you. Come and share your…

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Dear Greta Thunberg | Between the Shadows

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our-planet-on-a-palmvia Dear Greta Thunberg | Diane Morrison

I almost forgot we won

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Chris Chang-Yen Phillips: Storyteller and People Weaver

The other day a friend asked me (delicately), “What’s it like having a government that hates you?”

I laughed, partly because he assumed I agreed with the premise of his question, and partly because I do.

It’s crushing. It’s been hard since Alberta’s provincial election this year, I won’t lie. Your friends and family and neighbours and fellow shoppers elect a new government, and one of its first priorities is outing queer kids to homophobic parents. Next on the list is setting up a snitch line for reporting un-Albertan activities. And of course, cutting the only actual mechanism everyday Albertans have ever had to see a fraction of the true cost of burning carbon.

What does a queer journalist who loves the planet do?

You think about moving. You think about where you could even move in 2019 that’s more sane than this place. You think about all the people…

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Pagan Book Review: Circe by Madeline Miller | Diane Morrison

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via Pagan Book Review: Circe by Madeline Miller | Diane Morrison

Seekers and Guides: Lesson 20: Perfect Love and Perfect Trust | Diane Morrison

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Featured Image -- 6163

via Seekers and Guides: Lesson 20: Perfect Love and Perfect Trust | Diane Morrison

Seekers and Guides: Lesson 13: When Magick Goes Awry | Diane Morrison

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candle trayvia Seekers and Guides: Lesson 13: When Magick Goes Awry | Diane Morrison

Seekers and Guides: Lesson 7: Subconscious Beliefs | Diane Morrison

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via Seekers and Guides: Lesson 7: Subconscious Beliefs | Diane Morrison

Meditation and Focus – from The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power: Intent

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Featured Image -- 6802via Meditation and Focus – from The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power: Intent | Diane Morrison

When Ancient Societies Hit a Million People, Vengeful Gods Appeared

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Diane Morrison

“For we know Him who said, ‘And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the Lord, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them.'” Ezekiel 25:17.

The God depicted in the Old Testament may sometimes seem wrathful. And in that, he’s not alone; supernatural forces that punish evil play a central role in many modern religions.

But which came first: complex societies or the belief in a punishing god?

A new study suggests that the formation of complex societies came first and that the beliefs in such gods helped unite people under a common higher power.

Read the full article at LiveScience.

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