Contest Time!

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So a few days ago a friend of mine informed me that I had a small problem:

Important notice: it appears that there are a few defective copies of my book out there! One of my friends ordered from Amazon, and found that instead of getting pages 85-132 inclusive, he received a book with two sections of pages 133-180. If you are one such unlucky soul, please contact Red Wheel/Weiser customer service at or 1-800-423-7087 with your address and they will be happy to replace your copy. Sorry for the inconvenience!

So I have decided to run a contest! If you find a misprinted copy of the book, take a picture or webcam video of you holding the book, showing me the misprinted pages, and I will send you a code for a free download of the Elemental CD with Isochronic Tones that I composed for use with the book! Link below:

Contact me via this blog (with a link,) my website, my Facebook author page, or my Twitter. Good luck!

Wonder Woman: A Holy Communion

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Source: Wonder Woman: A Holy Communion

Reflections on the Pagan Writing Life

•May 23, 2017 • Leave a Comment

Source: Reflections on the Pagan Writing Life

Apple Blossoms in the Okanagan

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I hope the bear is keeping an eye on her mother on the mountain. We’re all like family.

via Wild Child Blooms — Okanagan Okanogan

6 Dystopian Sci-Fi Plotlines I’ve Seen in the News Recently

•April 11, 2017 • Leave a Comment

Source: 6 Dystopian Sci-Fi Plotlines I’ve Seen in the News Recently

Pagan Fiction Authors Takeover!

•March 12, 2017 • Leave a Comment

Source: Pagan Fiction Authors Takeover!

Witchcraft’s Not a Real Religion, so the Police Won’t Protect You

•March 4, 2017 • Leave a Comment

For police, a hate crime involving property would require the commission of the mischief to be based on bias, prejudice or hate based on religion, race, colour or national or ethnic origin. But […]

Source: Witchcraft’s Not a Real Religion, so the Police Won’t Protect You

The Indie Author Community is Awesome!

•February 26, 2017 • Leave a Comment

Since I decided to publish my Wyrd West Chronicles as a self-published serial before I take it to print, I have discovered a whole world out there in the indie author community that I was not […]

Source: The Indie Author Community is Awesome!

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