Contest Time!

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So a few days ago a friend of mine informed me that I had a small problem:

Important notice: it appears that there are a few defective copies of my book out there! One of my friends ordered from Amazon, and found that instead of getting pages 85-132 inclusive, he received a book with two sections of pages 133-180. If you are one such unlucky soul, please contact Red Wheel/Weiser customer service at or 1-800-423-7087 with your address and they will be happy to replace your copy. Sorry for the inconvenience!

So I have decided to run a contest! If you find a misprinted copy of the book, take a picture or webcam video of you holding the book, showing me the misprinted pages, and I will send you a code for a free download of the Elemental CD with Isochronic Tones that I composed for use with the book! Link below:

Contact me via this blog (with a link,) my website, my Facebook author page, or my Twitter. Good luck!

Landscape, Colonialism and the Unused Two-Car Garage

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Originally posted on Okanagan Okanogan:

A landscape is a stretch of land that has been improved by rational planning, sculpting of the land, and the addition of shrubberies, lanes, paths, buildings and other aesthetic features designed for contemplation. It is the way by which the training of a prince in the art of poetry is transferred to the administration of his princedom. In the post-aristocratic world, it is a romantic view-scape, in which individual identity-selves look out independently over an expanse of nature (everything that is not the individual identity), which is contemplated as a sense of space and freedom. This sense of landscape is largely 19th century. With its roots in art practice, it is largely visual. One looks out, after all. In this respect, the houses below are extensions of individual human selves and are constructed like those selves and serve as comfortable seats for them. They are kind of like full body shoes.P1980945

At the…

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Beyond Reason – eBook Release

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Sable Aradia:

Spreading the word for a friendly online acquaintance! Haven’t read it yet so can’t comment, but thought I’d share!

Originally posted on Loki's Bruid:


The eBook of Beyond Reason is available in Amazon’s Kindle store. The print version is still in proofing, but I will let y’all know when it’s available. I’m supposed to receive the proof copy on Wednesday, and if all goes well, hopefully it will be live by Friday, which would be a fitting end for my Month for Loki.

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The Devil’s in the Details.

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Originally posted on Grumpy Old Witchcraft:

Over two years ago my partner Laetitia set up a Facebook group for me called Village Witch.  It was specifically created to be a forum for anyone who had read my book and wanted to ask questions about it.  Here’s the general description: This group is for discussion about the book Village Witch, the life and work of Wisewomen.  Feel free to ask any questions relating to the book and Village Witchcraft, Folk Magic and work within a village Community.  The emphasis will be on down to earth practical application of Cunning Craft.

Village Witch Village Witch

For a long time not much was asked and apart from the occasional, albeit positive feedback from the members, there has been a lack of interesting threads to follow.  However, just recently this has begun to change.  The other day I was asked about one of the spells that was mentioned in my book called…

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Magick and Politics – PaganSquare – Join the conversation!

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Magick and Politics – PaganSquare – Join the conversation!.

“The Neverending Tories” (Canadian political commentary)

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Originally posted on Winding Widdershins:

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Happy Lammas!

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My New Patreon!

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I’m starting a Patreon account!  For those out there in social media land who may not know, Patreon is kind of like an ongoing Kickstarter program.  People can help to fund the works of creative people, and in return, Patrons receive special benefits only for them.  I think this is the answer to our culture of commercialism, in which it’s difficult for creative people to make a living.  I am hoping that some of you out there who follow my work may consider making a more direct form of support.  Just like in any crowdfunded project, there are perks for bigger contributions but even the smallest contribution is helpful and I offer a few perks to everyone who helps.

Over the next couple of days I will be uploading and linking a bunch of things.  I do a lot so my intention is to add something new each day.  When I post something new, such as a video, a piece of writing, etc., that will be the “daily item” shared; on the days that I don’t have anything like that coming out, I will draw from my back catalog.  Some things will be for Patrons only.  Please keep checking back to stay updated on all the new and exciting things I have going on!  And thanks for your support!

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