Contest Time!

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So a few days ago a friend of mine informed me that I had a small problem:

Important notice: it appears that there are a few defective copies of my book out there! One of my friends ordered from Amazon, and found that instead of getting pages 85-132 inclusive, he received a book with two sections of pages 133-180. If you are one such unlucky soul, please contact Red Wheel/Weiser customer service at or 1-800-423-7087 with your address and they will be happy to replace your copy. Sorry for the inconvenience!

So I have decided to run a contest! If you find a misprinted copy of the book, take a picture or webcam video of you holding the book, showing me the misprinted pages, and I will send you a code for a free download of the Elemental CD with Isochronic Tones that I composed for use with the book! Link below:

Contact me via this blog (with a link,) my website, my Facebook author page, or my Twitter. Good luck!

Raven Sparkle!

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Ah, ravens! Many Pagans are drawn to this frightfully clever corvid, whether as a psychopomp, a harbinger of war, or a thief of the sun. This devotional necklace was made in honour of this fine bird and the Raven deities. It would be the perfect stealth devotional piece for followers of the Morrighan, Diana Queen of the Witches, Aradia, Hecate, Odin and His eternal companions Hugin and Munin, or Raven Himself. Perfect for witches, Celts, Vikings, and Crones.

It features round onyx beads and a beautiful eclectic collection of vintage 1950s black glass beads in faceted and painted shapes. These were a lucky find! The resulting flash is worthy of a raven’s sensibilities and truly difficult to photograph. The fastener and jump rings are gunmetal black so that they will blend into the necklace without detracting from it, and the clasp is a lobster-claw. The centerpiece features our bird in question in sterling silver, flanked by large sparkling faceted vintage glass.

This would also be an ideal piece for steampunkers, dieselpunkers, or goths.

Onyx’s Metaphysical Properities: Root Chakra, Protection, Assists with Challenges, Stabilizing, Childbirth, Wound Healing, Stamina, Self-Control, Balances Energies, Protection, Protection vs. Psychic Vampires.

Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

The necklace measures 45 and a half cm (about 18 inches) in length.

I’m asking $125 Cnd for this piece (about $100 American at current exchange rate).  I’m happy to do holds or layaway plans: convo me for details and we can work something out.

Sacred Earth & Sovereignty: Pagan Temples and Why They Matter

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Sacred Earth & Sovereignty: Pagan Temples and Why They Matter.

Slowing Down the Garden

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Originally posted on Okanagan Okanogan:

Some gardens are meant to be seen at speed.P1730332

But if you go by foot, they reveal new faces.


Call it spring plum snow.




Piling up.


Caught by the wind.P1730445

Caught by the water under the dark trees across the road.


I’m glad I walked!

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The spiritual gifts of Wicca do not stop with Wiccans from Pointedly Pagan

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The spiritual gifts of Wicca do not stop with Wiccans.

The Roebuck in the Ritual (A Cochrane Inspired Rite) from Raise the Horns

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The Roebuck in the Ritual (A Cochrane Inspired Rite).

Language, transphobia and hurting others (even if unintentionally)

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Sable Aradia:

I haven’t heard the podcast so cannot comment on that yet, but I’m reblogging because of the importance of the issue and it’s worth consideration. I certainly haven’t been perfect in this department but I’m working on it. It’s not coming from a hurtful intention, but to some degree that doesn’t matter, because we do have to take responsibility for the way in which we communicate as well as our messages.

Originally posted on Treasure in Barren Places:


EDIT (22/3/15): The producers of the podcast in question have said that they will edit it to remove the slurs (see latest comment on this post). I know that a lot of trans people and their allies will appreciate this. Thanks to Damh for this.

A podcast I admire has engaged in language that has hurt some of its trans listeners. Language that the producers could have edited, but chose not to.

At the same time, I’ve discovered that a polytheist group I used to think very highly of has been expressing violently transphobic sentiments about camps/conferences and women-only spaces. (I’m not linking to the places where, as I haven’t talked to members of this group since it happened so I don’t want to highlight them without right of reply – but the evidence is out there for everyone to see anyway.)

You’ll probably remember the trans-phobic incidents that…

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Things can change in an instant…but mostly they stay the same

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Sable Aradia:

From my friend Saturn’s blog. So true!

Originally posted on The Abysmal Witch:

Or change really, really slowly.

I nearly died today.  One of those moments that happens periodically, when you feel the brush of death closer than usual.  Not the slow caress of death from bad habits or long-term illness, but the flirtatious goosing from a near miss.

I was out for a walk, headed to a favourite park that requires walking past some major intersections.  Please note that I was wearing a purple jacket, orange and black socks, and green laces on my shoes.  Really, I was a jokeresque symphony of colours.  Not exactly blending into the background.  I have proof, check the picture.  The pic is from after the rain (and thus my drowned cat impression) but at the time of this story, the rain had yet to start so visibility was perfect.


I had already started to walk across the street, cheerfully following the instructions of the little glowing white man…

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