Western Canada Book Tour is Coming Together!

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Hey all!  The tour is coming together nicely!  For a complete current roster of event listings, check out my Eventbrite page or the list on the sidebar!  This is the framework of my tour now so I’m looking for other venues along the way.  Contact me if you’re interested.


Book Giveaway for The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power!

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2014-07-19 17.08.06Hey there, shout-out to friends & fans in the US only!  Weiser Books is offering a giveaway of 10 copies of The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power through Goodreads in exchange for reviews!  Starts Sept. 14, ends Sept. 28.  Details at THIS LINK.

Tara Rice: No Harm

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This fabulous Pagan singer/songwriter from Toronto contacted me with this awesome song and music video.  And she didn’t ask me to do anything other than look at it.  So I’m sharing; check it out!

Dead at noon: B.C. woman ends her life rather than suffer indignity of dementia with video

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Dead at noon: B.C. woman ends her life rather than suffer indignity of dementia with video.

The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power Supplement Video #2: Five Rites

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Beautiful Paper Wasps

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Originally posted on Okanagan Okanogan:

A weed will do.

P1470319 Or a board up against a roof.


Life is an amazing thing.

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Call for submissions: a devotional to Njord

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Originally posted on The Serpent's Labyrinth:

Of all of the devotionals on the market for different gods and goddesses of the Northern tradition, I have yet to see one specifically dedicated exclusively to Njord, the sea god of the Vanir… a god particularly close to my heart, who has long been dear to me.  His serenity and his wisdom, his generosity, kindness, and gentle humor, have blessed my life over the years.  He has given me and my family gifts of cleansing, renewal, and hope this past year at the Oregon coast, where his presence is powerful; in gratitude, I am stepping up to the plate to put out a devotional book in his honor, a gift of praise, and a way for others to know him and love him.

For this book I am soliciting prayers, poetry, essays on Njord (especially personal experiences with him), and rituals for Njord.  You may make more than one…

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Druidry – What is Awen?

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Sable Aradia:

Sharing in relation to the previous reblogged post, to understand the Druid perspective on Awen, what it feels like and what it means. I agree completely that relationship is an essential to evoking/invoking it.

Originally posted on Down the Forest Path:

In Druidry, we learn often hear the word, awen, being used, but what exactly is awen?   Loosely translated from Welsh, it means flowing spirit, or flowing inspiration.  Awake to our own energy, and stretching out towards the energy of nature around us, we begin to see just what awen is.  It is an opening of one’s self, of one’s spirit or soul, in order to truly and very deeply see.  When we are open, we can receive that divine gift, inspiration that flows, whether it is from deity, nature, or whatever it is that you choose to focus on.

For awen to exist, there must be relationship.  We cannot be inspired unless we are open, and we cannot be open unless we have established a relationship, whether that is with the thunder, the blackbird or a god.  It is cyclical in nature; we open and give of ourselves and…

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