At Last: My Book!

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At Last:  My Book! My book, The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power! It will be released on September 1, 2014 from Red Wheel/Weiser. Many of you have been asking me where you can get it, so now I can tell you that you can get it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Books. It’s also available at all the Amazon sites; here’s the one for and for  (If you are in another country, just go to the regular URL for the book and change “.com” to the code for an Amazon in any other country (“.ca”, “”, “.fr”, “.jp”, etc). It is a good way to find books, when your local Amazon does not have them.)  If you pre-order, you will save 28% and it will only cost you just under $15 USD as opposed to its list price on release of $19.95.  And apparently it’s subject to free shipping from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble!  Order your copy today and save yourself a few bucks. :)  Thanks for your support! Just because it’s been a while, here’s the video playlist I made about the subject to introduce the book and its chapters:

The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power Teaching Blog

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For those who haven’t heard, I have a new subscription-based blog at’s Pagan channel.  It’s based on my book and workshops on The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power, and I publish it weekly.  It’s supported by videos and by a biweekly video chat session, so it’s like getting the whole course in the comfort of your own home!  I’m really excited about it because I really believe it’s the best possible format that isn’t in person, and for only $5 a month per person, it’s also really reasonable for everyone.  If you’ve ever considered taking my classes, this is the best possible way I can imagine to do it!  Check it out!

Make the Homeless Visible

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Earth Worship: Working the Cardinal Cross – PaganSquare – Join the conversation!

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Earth Worship: Working the Cardinal Cross –  PaganSquare – Join the conversation!.

The Re-Wind: Grand Cross!

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The Re-Wind: Grand Cross!

RE-WINDING: Hello and how are you all as we head into a new week? The grand cross has nearly formed in our skies. It’s intense. So many planetary squares, means lots of pressure for us to get sharp and non “wishy-washy” on what we desire for our life.You would be feeling a big kick up the bum to clean up and clear out the non-committal aspects of you. I’ll write more on this over the next two days when the energies are peaking, but for now I need to remind us that Mars, Saturn and Pluto are all currently retrograde.

The Retrogrades
Since late February Mars has been asking us to get thorough on ‘walking our talk’. Do you side step issues? Or do you face them head on? Are you trying to piggy back on someone’s good favour or are you ‘doing it’ for yourself? Until late May we get ample opportunities to prove our worth to ourselves. So get cracking. Do it your way for you.

Since early March Saturn has being prompting us to get ‘on purpose’. You would be feeling the need to be responsible and not blame anyone or anything else for your life, but to face choices for you. Until late July we get loads of practice in standing up and being proud to live our life, our way.

And Pluto just moved retrograde until late September. We have five months ahead where we are embracing the aspects of ourselves we are often ashamed of or afraid of. It’s an excellent period to accept what you don’t like about yourself and find out why? It’s also a great period to check up on those medical and physical ailments you have been putting off. Get clear on your health. Uncover what you need to know and power on.

Let me know how you are going will all of this. And know you are not goign crazy if you feel life has turned up about a 1000 notches. Cos it has!

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The U.S. Navy Just Announced The End Of Big Oil And No One Noticed

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The U.S. Navy Just Announced The End Of Big Oil And No One Noticed

*SABLE’S NOTE – I got this from a Facebook meme, but IT’S FOR REAL. Clicking the link on the pic takes you to the Huffington Post.*

After decades of experiments, U.S. Navy scientists believe they may have solved one of the world’s great challenges: how to turn seawater into fuel.

The new fuel is initially expected to cost around $3 to $6 per gallon, according to the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, which has already flown a model aircraft on it.

Curiously, this doesn’t seem to be making much of a splash (no pun intended) on the evening news. Let’s repeat this: The United States Navy has figured out how to turn seawater into fuel and it will cost about the same as gasoline.

This technology is in its infancy and it’s already this cheap? What happens when it’s refined and perfected? Oil is only getting more expensive as the easy-to-reach deposits are tapped so this truly is, as it’s being called, a “game changer.”

I expect the GOP to go ballistic over this and try to legislate it out of existence. It’s a threat to their fossil fuel masters because it will cost them trillions in profits. It’s also “green” technology and Republicans will despise it on those grounds alone. They already have a track record of trying to do this. Unfortunately, once this kind of genie is out of the bottle, it’s very hard to put back in.

There are two other aspects to this story that have not been brought up yet:

1. The process pulls carbon dioxide (the greenhouse gas driving Climate Change) out of the ocean. One of the less well-publicized aspects of Climate Change is that the ocean acts like a sponge for CO2 and it’s just about reached its safe limit. The ocean is steadily becoming more acidic from all of the increased carbon dioxide. This in turn poisons delicate ecosystems like coral reefs that keep the ocean healthy.

If we pull out massive amounts of CO2, even if we burn it again, not all of it will make it back into the water. Hell, we could even pull some of it and not use it in order to return the ocean to a sustainable level. That, in turn will help pull more of the excess CO2 out of the air even as we put it back. It would be the ultimate in recycling.

2. This will devastate oil rich countries but it will get us the hell out of the Middle East (another reason Republicans will oppose this). Let’s be honest, we’re not in the Middle East for humanitarian reasons. We’re there for oil. Period. We spend trillions to secure our access to it and fight a “war” on terrorism. Take away our need to be there and, suddenly, justifying our overseas adventures gets a lot harder to sell.

And if we “leak” the technology? Every dictator propped up by oil will tumble almost overnight. Yes, it will be a bloody mess but we won’t be pissing away the lives of our military to keep scumbags in power. Let those countries figure out who they want to be without billionaire thugs and their mercenary armies running the show.

Why this is not a huge major story mystifies me. I’m curious to see how it all plays out so stay tuned.


People have been asking for more details about the process. This is from the Naval Research Laboratory’s official press release:

Using an innovative and proprietary NRL electrolytic cation exchange module (E-CEM), both dissolved and bound CO2 are removed from seawater at 92 percent efficiency by re-equilibrating carbonate and bicarbonate to CO2 and simultaneously producing H2. The gases are then converted to liquid hydrocarbons by a metal catalyst in a reactor system.

In plain English, fuel is made from hydrocarbons (hydrogen and carbon). This process pulls both hydrogen and carbon from seawater and recombines them to make fuel. The process can be used on air as well but seawater holds about 140 times more carbon dioxide in it so it’s better suited for carbon collection.

Another detail people seem to be confused about: This is essentially a carbon neutral process. The ocean is like a sponge for carbon dioxide in the air and currently has an excess amount dissolved in it. The process pulls carbon dioxide out of the ocean. It’s converted and burned as fuel. This releases the carbon dioxide back into the air which is then reabsorbed by the ocean. Rinse. Repeat.

Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day!

Fairy Realm

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Fairy Realm

Wicca and the Spiritual Quest

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Wicca and the Spiritual Quest.  A great article by Vivianne Crowley for seasoned Wiccans about the dark night of the Pagan soul.


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