Western Canada Book Tour!

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witches_eight_paths_of_powerI’m pleased to announce that I’ll be doing a Western Canada Book Tour this fall to celebrate the release of my book!  I’m looking to travel through BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Check out my Facebook event page to keep updated on the latest info, and if you want me to stop by, let me know!  If you can help me to arrange the venue, even better.  We’re doing house concerts as well as the book signings and/or workshops.  Website to be posted soon!

At Last: My Book!

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At Last:  My Book! My book, The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power! It will be released on September 1, 2014 from Red Wheel/Weiser. Many of you have been asking me where you can get it, so now I can tell you that you can get it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Books. It’s also available at all the Amazon sites; here’s the one for Amazon.ca and for Amazon.co.uk.  (If you are in another country, just go to the regular URL for the book and change “.com” to the code for an Amazon in any other country (“.ca”, “.co.uk”, “.fr”, “.jp”, etc). It is a good way to find books, when your local Amazon does not have them.)  If you pre-order, you will save 28% and it will only cost you just under $15 USD as opposed to its list price on release of $19.95.  And apparently it’s subject to free shipping from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble!  Order your copy today and save yourself a few bucks. :)  Thanks for your support! Just because it’s been a while, here’s the video playlist I made about the subject to introduce the book and its chapters:


Seekers and Guides: A Sticky Subject: Teaching Sex Magick Part Two

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Seekers and Guides: A Sticky Subject: Teaching Sex Magick Part Two.

Since the Beginning of Time

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Got My Proofs Today!

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2014-07-19 17.08.06

Saskatoon: A New Kind Of “Super Fruit” Berry Is Making Its Way Into The States

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Originally posted on Higher Learning:

Saskatoon berries may look like blueberries, but the shrub is actually more closely related to an apple tree.

According to NPR’s The Salt, the berry,

“…is pretty common in Canada but hasn’t been grown by farmers in the U.S. until recently. Here [in the U.S.], the berry, also sometimes called the serviceberry, has been collected in the wild for generations.”

Until recently the berry had not been commercially grown in the U.S.. The commercial strain, which produces a larger berry with fewer seeds, has just found its way to farmers in Michigan, but hopes to have a nationwide presence eventually.

Saskatoon berries before being picked

So what do they taste like? Well, it’s kind of hard to say. Here’s Steve DuCheney, who grows the berries in northern Michigan:

“Every time I eat them I get a different flavor…The other day I had somebody tell me they tasted like peach, and…

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Exclusive Interview with Rebecca Goldstein

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Originally posted on The Leather Library:

They say it never hurts to ask.

          I sent a few questions to Rebecca Goldstein’s website, thinking I’d get no reply. She’s a busy person, after all. But she was so kind as to respond to my questions with very thoughtful answers that I’d like to share with you as a follow up to my review.

I thank you for the lovely and thoughtful review of Plato at the GoogleplexI’m under a lot of time pressure right now, but I couldn’t avoid answering your thoughtful questions. Please forgive the inadequacy of the too-brief answers.

Your questions deserve far more.


Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

1. What is your best argument against scientific reductionism?

RG: I don’t know how you mean this question, since I don’t know whether you’re equating “scientific reductionism” with the materialist understanding of the mind. (By “materialist understanding of the mind”…

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Book Review: Plato at the Googleplex

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Originally posted on The Leather Library:

9780307378194_custom-ddcd506e3b084611bfcc807db8f753d0ebf8ff75-s6-c30          When my friend told me she heard on NPR that there was a new book out in which “some female philosopher” resurrects the voice of Plato to address today’s moral issues, I took a wild guess as to the author: Rebecca Goldstein.

          Maybe the guess wasn’t so wild. I had read The Mind-Body Problem and there aren’t that many right now contemporary female philosophers I know of who are well-versed in Plato and who write fiction. (Although in hindsight I suppose Muriel Barbery would have been a good guess too.) This, I said to myself, is a must-read. For those of you who are reticent about reading philosophy or find the language a bit daunting, I highly recommend this book. Anyone on the street can pick this up and understand it. I recently recommended Plato’s Republic to a friend, but…

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108 Breaths for Baphomet

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Originally posted on The Blog of Baphomet:

The following technique is one I developed (or was taught by the spirits, or made up in me own head – you pays your money, as they say…) following some mindfulness meditation in my garden. (Which at this time of year is a riot of flowers and vines and burgeoning fruit.) The method uses an asana which is held for a few minutes. In this sense it is similar to the techniques I’ve encountered in Kundalini yoga (specifically in the Longevity Kriya). Kundalini yoga is a fascinating form of practice which I was introduced to by the awesome Kwali, and one that is well worth exploring.

As well as being a physical exercise this method, which I call the ’108 Breaths for Baphomet’ (108 BB), provides an opportunity to connect deeply with our somatic experience, our bodies, the biosphere aspect of who we are. While it’s possible for…

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