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For those who haven’t heard, I have a new subscription-based blog at’s Pagan channel.  It’s based on my book and workshops on The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power, and I publish it weekly.  It’s supported by videos and by a biweekly video chat session, so it’s like getting the whole course in the comfort of your own home!  I’m really excited about it because I really believe it’s the best possible format that isn’t in person, and for only $5 a month per person, it’s also really reasonable for everyone.  If you’ve ever considered taking my classes, this is the best possible way I can imagine to do it!  Check it out!

We All Have a Little Magic!

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We All Have a Little Magic!

I Missed the Eclipse Due to Cloud, So I’m Sharing!

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I Missed the Eclipse Due to Cloud, So I’m Sharing!

The Rainbow Bridge Greeting Committee

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The Rainbow Bridge Greeting Committee

Can’t you just see your beloved four-legged friends there? I love it!

Sunrise on the Quay

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Good morning! Picture taken from our window at the Inn at the Quay in New Westminster. Have a great day!

RIP Anderson Lynne Mar

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Anderson Lynne Mar was the original lead singer of Gallows Hill, a goth rock band I was in several years ago. These were her lyrics and my interpretation of them in this tribute video. I liked her a lot, respected her immensely and wish I’d known her better. RIP.

This is what had to say.

Beauty and the Beast

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Sable Aradia:

Not really sure why I’m reblogging for this blog, other than I support sacred sexuality in all its forums as part of my Wiccan ethos. Whatever turns you on is good by me, an it harm none! (And by that, I mean lasting harm; a little kink can be fun and even good for you, it turns out.) I think we all just like what we like, and as long as everyone can give informed consent and no one is harmed in the long run, have at it! And celebrate it; why shouldn’t we? I think that often as Pagans, we maintain some of our Christian conditioning, that sex is evil and sinful and bad, and good girls don’t have sex and even if they do, they don’t enjoy it. And this is, quite bluntly, bullshit.

Originally posted on The Honest Courtesan:

Fucking magnets, how do they work?   -  Insane Clown Posse, “ Miracles

vampire's kissIt’s not always easy being the Honest Courtesan; sometimes in the process of talking about human sexuality, I run into some aspect of my own sexuality which is somewhat embarrassing to admit to.  At that point I have to decide whether to walk around the subject, or say “I’d really rather not discuss that”, or just throw caution to the wind and forge ahead out of my comfort zone, trusting that Aphrodite will bless my courage.  Often it’s because a reader asks a question which can be answered in part by discussing my own feelings, but in this particular occasion it’s because a reader wrote an article in Psychology Today.  The reader is Dr. Robert King, and the article is subtitled “What Monster Porn Might Tell Us About Human Nature”.  It’s a…

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7 Terrifying Cursed Items That Actually Exist

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Sealed in glass for your protection. Seriously.


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